to Jul 8

Love natural, love you, Olympia London

First time here. Really looking forward to it.

Very promising participation at this show on food, health, beauty & home.

Summer time in the City, we will have our share in offering original food 'free from...' (allergene free, gluten free, lactose free, vegan...). This show is part of a running show in a few other EU capitals.

Check their website http://www.lnlo.co.uk/






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to Mar 25

Goed Gevoel Ladies fair

On of our favourite fairs in Belgium for non-professionals. This time we are not alone, we will team up with two other companies, I Just Love Breakfast (Antwerp) and Bon Appetit les Amis (Sint-Martens-Latem). As you notice, these people are also into food, health and happiness.

Follow our posts on social media for this event.




Pic from the 2017 edition - happy faces.

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to Mar 13

Tavola fair, Kortrijk Expo, Belgium

Check this famous food and style fair at the Kortrijk Expo in March.

A fair aiming for top chefs, fine catering, fine food distributors. 

Adya cannot miss out! We will be there with the Oryx Desert Salt, the Adya freeze-dried fruits and the Vietnamese red tea. 

Welcome to our booth at


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10:30 PM22:30

Tavola fair, Kortrijk Expo, Belgium

Famous fair for fine, fresh food and delicacies. We will team up with Deor Foods and Dafco for a fine organic booth.

We will present the Oryx Desert Salt, the Adya freeze-dried fruits and the Vietnamese red tea to a public of chefs, caterers and fine food distributors.

Feel like getting in touch?



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to Feb 17

Biofach - Nürnberg (Ger)

Adya will visit the Biofach fair to co-represent two of its production partners. You can find us at the Wayanad SSS' booth and at the Fin Ho tea booth. More details coming up. 

If you are interested to meet up with Adya, please mail us your proposal.

See www.biofach.de


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to Nov 16

Sweden - Adya @ Nordic Organic Food fair Malmö

Second participation with a stand. Visiting our partners and friends to exchange on the Scandinavian market. Very professional and rewarding event for all who want to discover this part of the organic world. As you might imagine, the Scandinavion countries develop very rapidly in this field. 

For more info, see this site: http://www.nordicorganicexpo.com/




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to Oct 3

Belgium - Adya @ Chef 17, Kortrijk Expo

Exclusive culinary and kitchen gear event voor restaurant chefs. We hold a small 'module' 98 presenting the Adya fruits, our partner Fin Ho for Vietnamese tea and the Oryx Desert Salt from Soth-Africa.

Check the Chef's site at http://www.chefxpo.be/

We have free tickets for this fair, contact us @ info@adya.bio


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to Aug 7

Vietnam - Meeting the Red Dao

We will visit Fin Ho tea producers during a homestay with the Red Dao. This is without a doubt the most exciting part, getting to know the people you represent. Meeting the Red Dao minority families at home!

What makes it also interesting is that we will be able to meet people and organizations that connect these smallholders to community based tourism. Thanks to the Center for Rural Development in Hanoi.

More on their mission and projects, see http://cred.org.vn/




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to May 10

Chile - Meeting organic producers

Adya has been invited to join the Enexpro event organised by the Chilean government to connect European importers and Chilean exporting groups and companies.

Adya will be able to get to know the Chilean market and especially the organic products and possibilities. Chile is known for its steep growth in export of fish and wine, we are interested to find out what else can be discovered.



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2:00 PM14:00

Chocoa Festival - Amsterdam

Adya will join Montecristi Chocolate to present the fabulous chocolate bars to the Dutch and international visitors. We will then introduce our collaboration and share on the importance of independent, small scale local chocolate makers. 

This is a challenge in a very competitive world with some major players that do not hesitate to buy out farmers and control (create profit) from the cacao harvesting to the shops.



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to Feb 18

Biofach Germany - 4th visit

4th edition Adya is participating in. Biofach Germany is pure heaven for the organic world. Enormously diverse and optimistic. Not to miss for all of you working in or interested to develop the organic food business. See https://www.biofach.de/en

We visit the European halls for Adya's development. We also will be at the Wayanad SSS booth on the India Pavillon to share with the visitors on the beautiful and sustainable story and products they bring.

We also take the time to schedule meetings with our partners on Thursday 16th and Friday 17th. 

Contact us if you are at Biofach and you want to meet Adya: 


+32 (0) 486 07 95 17

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to Nov 24

Horeca Expo

Horeca Expo is a major fair for all actors involved in hotel, restaurant and cafe business in Belgium.

Adya will be present at the 'Your Choice' group of companies and ngo's in Hall 4. We will be there with ngo Vredeseilanden, Bioforum and Biofresh. 

Looking forward to exchange on Adya those 5 days.

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to Nov 17

Nordic Organic Food Fair

Adya will showcase at the Nordic Organic Food Fair in Malmö, Sweden in November 2016.

Great timing to meet our northern organic friends and an opportunity to show our Indian products to the market there. Looking forward to it!

See for more info: http://www.nordicorganicexpo.com/



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to Nov 12

BioFach India

The upcoming BioFach India is planned in Delhi this time. Adya will take the opportunity to meet its Indian partners, catch up with friends and relations and off course be able to stop by the Taj Mahal!

See this site for more information: http://biofach-india.com/


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to Apr 30

Ekoloji Izmir

The city of Izmir hosts a major organic fair with producers and distributors from Turkey, Middle-Eastern countries and some East-Asian countries. Adya will visit the fair to meet with Turkish partners in search for top bio products from cooperatives. 

See more information on the Izmir fair: http://ekolojiizmir.izfas.com.tr/en/anasayfa/


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to Feb 13

BioFach Nurnberg, Germany

Adya checks in for a third participation to BioFach, the superbly organized and magnificent fair representing bio products and their producers from all over the world. Looking forward to meeting our partners,  to get in touch with new people and organizations and to see what's moving and what's interesting to share!

See www.biofach.de for an overview and practical details.

Please contact us if you're going and want to meet up!


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