Ecuador - Chocolate

Adya first met Ms. Susana Cardenas-Overstall during the BioFach at Nurnberg in 2015. She is the co-founder of Montecristi Chocolate, based in the Manabi region in Ecuador. Susana presented us couverture chocolate for the European market. As she works directly with the local farmers and has the chocolate made in Ecuador itself, we immediately decided to get to know each other and develop a common strategy for the Belgian market. Which is not easy off course.

Why do we pick up this challenge? Montecristi Chocolate is working with the Ariba Nacional cacao, one of the best cacao varieties. A true Ecuadorian product too. And it is made in Ecuador. And Montecristi chocolate is led by two great passionate women, Susana and Lucia. 

Adya represents the Montecristi chocolate here in Belgium for starters. Very proud to represent a true high level Ecuadorian made product.


A true Passion

Montecristi Chocolate is a small chocolate company located 80 km from its cacao cooperative. Susana and Lucia know what cacao they're buying and who they are getting it from. The selection happens by hand and goes into small batches. This is all premium cacao. And exquisitely Ecuadorian!


A great bar

Montecristi Chocolate delivers artisanal chocolate with a unique identity, using Arriba Nacional cacao beans from the region. With the 70% Canuto they have won 2 Silver and two Bronze medals during the 2016 Academy of Chocolate Awards in London. Montecristi introduces the Canuto 70% pure, one with cacao nibs and one with sea salt. Opulent, mystical, delicate and daring!


The Same Philosophy 

Adya seeks for partnerships in biodiversity. We dedicate ourselves to local farmers and their regional products and connect them to the gourmets in our region (Belgium for starters). Transparency ànd quality can go hand in hand. Canuto is a picturesque town in the Manabi region which has been cultivating Arriba Nacional cacao for centuries.  

Where can you find this chocolate

Adya delivers directly to specialized shops, tea and coffee shops and hotels, restaurants, brasseries looking for a little touch of chocolate heaven for their customers. 

A shop list will follow shortly once we start up this range in Belgium. 

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