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Our 5 fruit boxes at the counter of the Cultural Center, Ostend, Belgium, 2017

Our 5 fruit boxes at the counter of the Cultural Center, Ostend, Belgium, 2017

Our very first product in the market. Around december 2016, we introduced the tropical freeze-dried fruits from our partner Wayanad Social Service Society in Kerala. Our philosophy here is to import only the essential part of the fruit as a healthy snack, the fruit waste is recycled on the spot. We work with WSSS to introduce local varieties, fruits that are grown and known there. Together with WSSS we support the families of local farmers growing their spices, fruits and vegetables organically. We embrace them, we embrace biodiversity!

We let everybody try these fruits as a snack, or as an exotic boost to your muesli or granola in the morning. Try them also in other cereals, hot and cold, yoghurts, cakes, shakes and smoothies. 

Our kick-off selection in freeze dried fruit snacks for 2016/2017:

Poovan banana | Alphonso mango | Mauritius pineapple | Red lady papaya | East coast tall coconut


Poovan banana

Officially this small banana is known as the Mysore cultivar banana. It is used for regular eating and baking as well. A banana that is easily found in the road fruit stalls in the Wayanad region. 

Small, sticky fruit flesh, deep sweet taste. 

Served in 60 gram snack pouches.



This is the king of the mango's. Well known and revered all over India for its golden creamy flesh. In Kerala we've selected the Alphonso as it is one of the regions where it grows abundantly. Later on Adya hopes to introduce other varieties when available for export. As this is a seasonal product (roughly march-june),  Adya's distribution will depend on the stock our partner WSSS has in freeze-dried fruits.

The fruit itself is rich in taste, with its known and unique sweet-aromatic flavour. We keep the taste in our crispy small freeze-dried pieces. 

Comes in small pouches of 40 gram.



Mauritius pineapple

This is the very sweet compact pineapple that can be found on both sides of the Indian ocean. It is harvested in Mauritius but also on a pretty large scale in the South of India. We've seen small pineapple fields where the fruits are intercropped with young rubber trees. 

Royal sweet taste with the slight sour background. In freeze-dried format very important to eat it slowly and discover the full taste.

Comes in small pieces in 40 gram pouches.


The papaya is a native of the American tropics that looks like a tree but in fact is a large herbaceous plant. It is a pretty big fruit hanging on the plant stem and having a green wall with orange-red pigments. Black seeds in the central cavity are taken out and the fruits are cut into slices. It is a low-acid fruit with a delicate, flowery aroma and a touch of cabbage-like pungency. 

Comes in small slice in 36 gram pouches. 



Coconuts are the largest nuts in the world. They are the fruit of a tree-like palm, but more related to grasses then to other nut trees. They are thought to have originated in Asia but the hardy fruits apparently floated to many parts of the world before people started to transport them. Mainly produced in India, Indonesia and the Philippines. 

The coconut dices from this South-Indian variety are chopped into cubes. 

Comes in pouches of 40 gram.


Adya also started the delivery of 250 gram bulk pouches of the same freeze-dried fruits. Available via Adya and Biofresh via this link



WARNING, clicking on the following pictures may want to make you long for summer time!



Our partner Wayanad is delivering the freeze-dried fruits, Adya puts the pouches in boxes that reflect India and the fruits themselves. Each box explains on the back and on the small flyer in it how much fresh fruit is represented in the box. It also holds information on the (advantages of) freeze-drying, the collaboration with Wayanad SSS, the ecological and social impact that is created, plus a few recipes to try out. We do not own all the secrets of the freeze-dried fruits, so please feel free to create something with the fruits. Follow and share with us on Facebook and Instagram!

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