Oryx Desert Salt

Natural. Essential. Timeless.

The secret of this salt lies underground, hidden far away in the Kalahari Desert in South-Africa. This is a unique salt in many ways. It is harvested at the very source. It is sweeter then regular sea salt and it is from such a pristine and ancient source, it becomes a treasure with true taste for our dishes. 

The Oryx Desert salt project lately has grown into a main supplier of high quality salt in South-African restaurants. The orginization also gives back to the local people as it invests in the Khomani San and Mier communities living nearby. 


The salt

The Oryx Desert salt doesn't have the sea smell and heavy taste of regular salt. It is soft and sweeter and adds more flavour to our plates. It also results in better fermentation of food and is great in combination with chocolate recipes. The salt comes in regular, soaked in shiraz and smoked.  


The community

For every bag of salt sold, a percentage is given back to the Khomani San and Mier communities. They now completely own the !Xaus lodge in the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park in the Kalahari Desert.



With its size and typical black and white head, the Oryx gazelle is often seen in documentaries on Southern Africa. Did you know that the Oryx can live in the Kalahari for 2 years without water, but not even for 2 months without licking from the salt pans for its essential minerals; sodium chloride and trace elements?





We will start representing the Oryx Desert Salt from August 2017. Please follow us on this site or our Facebook page for more information. We will be part of the South-African Pavillion at the Horeca Expo in Gent, november 2017.

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