Ha Giang - Improving infrastructure

With the Red Dao community in the district of Hoang Su Phi and the Center for Rural and Economic Development (CRED) in Hanoi we agreed on participating in the construction of a road. 

The CRED was founded within the ngo Helvetas, based in Hanoi. They invest where they can in rural development in the north of Vietnam. This also includes support for the etnic minorities. As Adya imports tea from the Red Dao minority people in Hoang Su Phi, we requested to support a project in agreement with the community and CRED. 

Adya wants to invest in depth. Sharing with the public on the local livelihood in the region we buy products from. We share with the Dao the experiences in selling tea in Belgium. The Red Dao share on their history, tea and live.
— Karl Vanderplaetse

How do we decide on projects? It's the CRED officials and the local community that decide on the most urgent to start with. It might be the kids, families, livestock, houses,..? We never thought about the road. 

Infrastructure is an issue in Vietnam. Especially in the mountains, people drive over muddy parts of roads, landslides are everywhere and can shut down connections for several weeks. The government cannot intervene quickly and the locals often lack funding to initiate construction.

The road to our last homestay (see stories on the Red Dao) appeared to be the one selected for restauring. For a few hours we participated with our hands and we saw the whole community (with Red Dao, Long Dressed Dao and Kinh Vietnamese) work hard to get the 1 KM road done in 5 days. 

Adya participated with a 1000 USD funding. With thisgift we want to connect with the local community and acknowledge that we have a common future, far away or not!