School Garden Initiative India

Contribution by our friend Kiran Bhaskaran, fellow gardener at the School Garden Inititiative India. Adya believes in the concept of having the children during schooltime to work with soil, seeds and plants. Take a look at the pictures below to see their motivation!

"India primarily is an agrarian economy with over 67% of the population living in rural areas and about 70% of its rural population relying on agriculture as their main source of income. Due to continued exploitation of the natural resources such as water and soil, in addition to the chemical abuse on the crops and unsustainable agricultural practices over the past 50 years,there are no youths taking up farming. Most farmers today are in the middle age and hardly any youth take up farming for the examples they see, all pointing towards the impending crisis of a ‘Farmer-less India”.

So, the remedy had to be through children.

By tastefully introducing children to sustainable, organic vegetable gardening in their school backyard, School Garden India is reaching out to children in schools; through gardening, we help children attain a greater sense of consciousness towards nature as it evolves into a magnificent life-form of a simple plant, even as letting the same nature help our children by teaching them the life lessons of hard-work, perseverance, resilience, tactical thinking and responsibility. And at the end of each cycle when the harvests are gathered, a warm sense of fulfillment simmers down the heart of a child.

All with the hope that in the near future, when these children grow up to be the parents of tomorrow they can show ‘the way’ to their children. And some may even take up farming as their profession for the passion this small school activity had ignited in their hearts."

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