Meeting a farmers cooperative in Kerala

In order to appreciate the quality of the products the Adya team visited the Wayanad cooperative in the north of Kerala, near the town of Mananthavady. The state of Kerala is globally known for its spices, think of the spice trade that started a few thousand years ago.  And it is truely a spectacular place to visit. Abundantly green biodiverse nature from the coastline to the hills in the northern parts of Kerala makes your realize just how large and fertile this place is. 

We met Fr. John Choorappuzhayil in 2014 in Germany and got to know about his NGO in Wayanad. We found in him and his organization a perfect first partner for the quality products we were looking for.

Now, in the summer of 2015, we actually had the opportunity to visit the farmers, the management and some of the initiatives. The cooperative has regional development partners and is working hard to develop a sustainable future for the local farmers, their families and products. This, to us, is vital. Initiatives for women empowerment, child education, minority groups support is adding so much to the Adya products you have in your hands!

Introduction day for disabled children in Wayanad