Inspiration from Wayanad

Adya is back from a short business trip to Wayanad. We visited the new factory 'Bioland' in the hills next to Mananthavady town. The management proudly showed us the machinery, the processing and the packaging innovations. We see Belgian, Chinese, German and Indian equipment brought together to get things done. We also see that our friends are without hesitation looking for new opportunities.

As they see it, the local farmers have fruits, coffee beans, spices and vegetables. And there is plenty for them and for others to consume. Why then not organize the farmers to gain on that big mass of great natural products and give them more certainty on their income all the same. And there is more. We discussed waste management. What's left of plants or fruits in the processing is given back to the farmers for their cattle. We've already mentioned the watershed project the Wayanad group has developed with the state of Kerala. These are all examples of a true holistic view on regional development in this part of India. 

The people managing this great cooperative have our support. They are our inspiration!


What if, instead of projecting our fears onto others and accepting a world in which poverty and weath grow ever farther apart, we sought to bring back in those we have excluded? What would that world look like?
— Simon Reid-Henry, 'The political origins of inequality. Why a more equal world is better for us all', The University of Chicago Press, Chicago, 2015