Masala time

Once we started thinking about a list of organic spices to introduce to the Belgian customers, we immediately discussed the spice blends, so typicalfor India. But how can we do that?

Most of us will mention the 'curry' as the blend of spices they use for some dishes. But then, what's that curry made off?  And is not every curry different in it's composition? And what to choose: is the curry madras recipe the best one? Do we know why?

It's in India that you learn to appreciate the different blends there are. It is not called 'curry' but masala. Curry in fact refers to the curry leaves. The masala is the word to use for specific spice blends.  The use of different kinds of masala goes back a long time in history. Every region in India has its own masala's, one could even say that every family has its own recipe. They hold a roasted blend of spices to be added at the end of preparing a dish. 

The most commonly used masala is the garam masala (roasted mix of spices). But we also know the tikka masala, the tandoori masala and maybe some other variations. 

Ideally you make your own masala at home. You get the entire spices you need and you blend them to a powder. The garam masala in fact requiers you to roast the blend of spices before you powder them. 

Adya will offer the people that are interested to try it out the different entire spices and an attractive range of spices blends. The garam masala is the nr. 1 off course.

We started working with partners in Belgium having a link with India. 

On the Partners page you can check the partners and sources we consult for our spice ideas!