Travelling and breathing.

Adya. Mother Earth. Yes we are, right?

Driving in Belgium, France or the Netherlands seems to keep me out of Mother Earth.

I just see bricks, roads, closed windows, closed people.

While so many people in our region are travelling, experiencing the world. Or what is left of it.

We seem to be tourists. Breathing in shortly a foreign city or region and then urge back home to pick up the regular life. 

As I read more about the connection between human, animal and plant life, I realize I'm so far away from this natural connection (see Adya's story on 19th century scientist and humanist Alexander von Humboldt). 

It takes me to the moments in India, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia. We've been on Vietnamese motorcycles in the harsh rains, under Cambodian umbrella's next to huge lakes with only fried insects and local friends and beers, just waiting for the thunder clouds to leave. We've been calling from Laotian shops for Belgian anniversaries sitting in between used toys and leftovers from a simple rice dish, etc.. We remember driving hours in between endless forests full of life in India. Imagine a sense of animal sensitivity coming up: what if a real tiger shows up before the jeep this night?

We've been experiencing nature and it was overwhelming. We've experienced people living in natural circumstances, coping with relative poverty, and yet within an atmosphere of a for us unknown strength and acceptance, a genuine happiness with small things, sharing with us what they have. A life of endurance and faith. It is far darker and remote from wealth and easy living then what we're used to in the West.

It brings us to urge for saveguarding the biodiversity and the connection between humans and nature. We're interconnected but we've moved on in a human-oriented life. All things are designed for a human-oriented purpose. There are so many investments in technology (defense, space, robotica). All of that is great and interesting, but it leads us out of our own world.

The world of Mother Earth. Let us bring her story, let us connect all natural life for it is without a doubt interconnected for eternity. 

Adya is embracing biodiversity and supports all efforts to keep the link with (the protection of) our planet we (should) call home. 

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