Adya in Sweden - Sharing on biodiversity

Adya is on the move. We presented our fruits on the Nordic Organic food fair in Malmö, Sweden. We got the chance to introduce the freeze-dried tropical fruits from our partner, Wayanad Social Service Society. 

Adya is embracing biodiversity and is always looking forward to discuss it with as many people as possible. In that perspect, the Malmömassan 2016 was a tremendous experience. We met distributors, processors and retailers from Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland. All were eager to listen to the Adya story and tasted the crispy pieces from Kerala. It was a true delight to have great feedback and suggestions from so many. 

It encourages us to go on with the project. To move on working on the basis of a true partnership with producers that are clearly having a social impact on their members, the small farmers and their families. Organic is one thing, organic farming combined with social sustainability is even better.

Adya will keep on promoting biodiversity. We are embracing it. And embracing is about products, but most of all about the people caring for their crops, feeding others as they do it. We tend to disregard the origin of our food and the people 'far away' who put all their efforts and time in getting it all done.

Adya wants to highlight their work and daily life. Raise the respect for them and not take import and availability for granted.

We aim to distribute the Adya freeze-dried fruits soon on the Scandinavian market. Follow us here or on Facebook and Instagram for more information!