But what do we know about plants and herbs around us?

It's the way they mention it while walking somewhere.

'Oh and these are our medicinal plants here'.  I found out that my focus is not as sharp as many of the Indian friends and colleagues we've met so far. I'm already happy with recognizing the papaya tree, the banana plant, the difference within a few kinds of banana and some of the fruits and vegetables in marketplaces. That's the first level out of 10 I guess.

But when you walk with a local friend, and because they know you're in the business of fruits, spices etc.. they will kindly guide you to a certain herb or plant and give you some more details on it. But you tend to overlook those plants. We tend to overlook it because our focus is usually the bigger picture, the big trees and fauna. 

And yet they are so important for them. Most, if not all herbs are known to have healing power.  It is this fantastic knowledge the Indian people have, as if it were natural and logic, that is so stunning and beautiful. 

It gives the visitor and layman in nature a whole new dimension. And it doesn't necessarily mean a scientific dimension, but foremost a human dimension. It's about people and their relation to nature. And that is, let us hope, a neverending story of respect.