Szechuan pepper

During the BioFach in Germany we continued our quest to find more kinds of pepper. Because we are curious and because we embrace biodiversity off course!

We are very lucky to be able to work with Wayanad SSS in Kerala. They can deliver us the great Malabar peppercorns. Just recently I personnally put the Malabar pepper in my Peugeot pepper mill (freed ad!). What a difference whit your regular supermarket pepper. The thing is that you just need less of it and instead have much more flavour, aroma, pungency. Because it is pure!

Because we think that shops, restaurants, caterers might be looking for different kinds of pepper, we also look for the red pepper, pink pepper, szechuan pepper... there are so many to discover.

The pink pepper we've seen is from South-America (Peru, Brazil) and in fact is not really pepper as the Malabar pepper corn. The berries are more related to the cashew, but they look like pepper corns and they have a peppery flavor.

We didn't get to see red pepper, as we've tasted it in Kampot, Cambodia. We will source the organic red pepper and find out if it could work for Adya.

In Indonesia, there seems to be great pepper too, we will discuss it with our friends there. 

And the greatest surprise was the Szechuan pepper from Nepal. In fact, these too are not really pepper corns, The little ones are citrus fruits, or at least the dried outer skin of it. And indeed, when tasting it, there is a peppery-citrus flavour. But most important for you people trying it out: don't take too much of them at once. The pungency comes up, grabs your troath and even anesthetizes your tongue. Great!

Our Nepalese friends explaining all about the Nepalese Szechuan pepper: