Long live the jackfruit, lemongrass and mungbeans!

Botanical explorer Joseph Simcox travels around the world to discover and promote unknown or rare crops. The often indigenous crops can offer a sustainable solution for the world food security. What this man brings is the counterpart of what the current food system does. 

We feed ourselves for 75% on only 6 major crops. Rice, wheat and maize deliver 60% of all proteins and calories from plants in the world. About 75% of the world's plant diversity is now lost. Therefor, researching and marketing lesser known, though very valuable, healthy and available crops is tremendously important for our common food security and future. 

Mr. Simcox and Slow Food International recently shared a list of 30 exemplary indigenous crops that are promoting health and contributing to our food security. Adya is at this point ready to co-promote at least jack fruit, lemon grass and bitter lemon. Why not mungbean, pomelo and rambutan in the future. These are 6 examples of the amazing crop diversity we have in the world. Let us cherish that and support activists spending their life on the matter.



See Mr. Simcox' website

The initiative on the 30 exemplary indigenous crops for health and food security are enlisted on the Food tank site