Why we embrace biodiversity? Why is organic farming the way to go?

Adya embraces biodiversity.

This has been our motto for a few months now. Biodiversity is all about preserving the richness of the soil, the diversity of life in it and in animal, human life. Supporting biodiversity equals respect for Mother Nature. It supposes that we live with nature, not use it for our purposes only.

Adya means 'Mother Earth' in Sanskrit, the ancient language spoken in parts of the current Indian subcontinent. 

We start from this biodiversity on Mother Earth. We use the word 'embrace' to highlight the fact that we cherish this principle of biodiversity for the future of the world. Embracing as a word also refers to the humans that abide by this biodiversity. They realized that organic farming helps them improve their crops, their livelihoods. While working with nature and only using natural products and techniques to produce the crops, they also keep their soil in good shape. 

Studies have clearly indicated that organic based approaches in agriculture are vital for guaranteeing food security, rural development, better nutrition and sustainability, especially in the Global South (IAASTD peer reviewed report, UNEP, 2009).

Belgian former Special Rapporteur for the UN on the Right to Food Program also comes to a conclusion related to poverty and food security after several years of studies and monitoring. Agro-ecological approaches could address food needs in critical regions and could double food production in 10 years.

Adya contributes to this by

  • sharing this information with buyers, retailers, distributors that are open for it;
  • working with groups of farmers dedicated to organic farming for their own health and food security
  • reporting on studies concerning biodiversity and organic farming

In these matters we refer also to the great Colin Todhunter, writer and activist on sustainable food and agriculture. 

See his website for articles in depth on this. Let's support his work!

For a short intro on biodiversity, see also this video by Slow Food International, terrific organization connecting food security to the diversity on our daily plates.


This short video makes it very clear what is at stake if we keep losing nature.