Curious about Indian music

Each time we're driving with our friends in India we here tunes and talks in Malayalam, the official Keralan language. Without a clue and with just a quick reply from the friend driving, I've never really had the chance to find out about music styles, history, or more importantly the blend between the past and its traditions and the music the youth of India is listening too. 

On top of the difficulty to grasp possible styles or trends, it might also depend on religion, city or countrylife influences. It is not something you can easily discuss in between meetings or discussions. So we try to figure out online what's interesting to follow. Opening a box of Bollywood references is simply too complex if you have no clue on the names or stories. 

What better way to find out about music then asking our friends in India online.

We hope to discover the past and the current and to share it with all those keeping track of Adya.

All suggestions or references are very welcome! 

We already have our first tips!