Madhya Pradesh - the heart of India

Adya is building partnerships in India. Without a doubt that is the most fascinating and adventurous aspect of our whole project. We meet people in bio fairs in Europe and India. We sometimes run into them. Sometimes managers, directors, farmers representatives take the initiative. And it almost every time is so interesting and charming. 

And you know what, we start to mindmap the different people and the regions or places they represent.

That is what fairs do to people. You embody your profession, your passion and your life. And you want to share that with visitors. Skip the commercial, it will follow eventually.

Our friends from Madhya Pradesh flew over from their home country to meet partners at the Nurnberg BioFach, the largest bio fair in the world. We met the young Tiwari brothers, sons of the Mr. Tiwari. He founded the Sapthsathi Organic Agriculture Project about 12 years ago. From his own farm he got convinced to never allow artificial products to enhance production. What he learned himself, he got to teach to other farmers in the neighbourhood, the village, the region... he found his passion and shared it with colleagues.

Right now, the organisation in Madhya Pradesh is gathering almost 10.000 farmers. The organisation shares with them the tools, new production methods and all other means to continue natural production of seeds, pulses and some spices.

Adya is very proud to welcome the Sapthsathi Organic Agriculture Project in its network. We thank Mr. Tiwari, his sons and marketing manager Asutosh Tiwari for their kind cooperation.

A few words on Madhya Pradesh. It is a second largest and also the central state in India. The state inhabits 73 million people.  In between France and Germany... 

Major cities are Indore and Bhopal. Our partner is active in the region of Indore. We will visit them in November 2016, check our posts on that visit!