From tree to box - Adya's philosophy illustrated

Adya and Wayanad Social Service Society are elaborating a strong partnership. Adya matches the products Wayanad SSS can offer and what retailers, distributors and processors are looking for. We even consider with both sides what could be interesting for the end consumers.

The best way to illustrate this unique partnership is the story of our freeze-dried fruit project. 

For starters, there is in Kerala an abundancy of tropical fruit. It is not Adya that insisted to start with the import of fruits, it is Wayanad SSS that proposed to do something with the fruits. The freeze-drying was an option. 

Somme critical points to know: 

  • The process of freeze-drying results in seperating the essential (fruit flesh in pieces) from the waste (peels, pits,...). And the process permits to keep the waste there. The waste is composted or used for cattle. 
  • The fruits are harvested at the right time. They are not cut off in mass to be shipped immediately and to get artificially ripe during shipping or even in the shops.
  • The Indian partner is in control of the process, not an unknown buyer or trader. They decide when the harvesting is to be organized and how the freeze-drying is done.
  • The Indian partner is rewarded for all this work, therefor too its employees and members!

Together with Wayanad SSS we come to a final product in its primal packaging. And in Belgium we take care of a secondary packaging in collaboration with Zonnehoeve, a social enterprise we are proud to work with. 

The box is where Adya explains its collaboration with Wayanad SSS.

So in reality, the whole collaboration is built on a shared responsibility at Wayanad SSS, Adya and its partners in Belgium. 

This is what we consider to be the way to go in trade. It is trade with a clear human face and based on mutual respect.