Food democracy, the teachings of Dr. Vandana Shiva

Ms. Vandana Shiva is a fascinating lady. Already 40 years ago she wrote on the devasting effects of the so called green revolution implied by the US on parts of Central India. The idea was to create mass scale monoculture crops on Indian soil to meet the growing western demand. 

She wrote on famine, diseases, weaker crops, the disruption of a entire region. An activist was born. Since then she has kept fighting for the rights of farmers, the negative effects of monoculture and pesticides and the need for respect for Mother Earth instead of profits.

In nature’s economy the currency is not money, it is life
— Dr. Vandana Shiva

These are the voices that matter. Not only for the organic movement, but also for the whole world to cherish. In very clear and demanding terms she stresses these very important aspects to safeguard our food security, our food democracy: 

  • agro-ecology feeds the world, not a violent form of technology claiming to feed the world while destroying life in the soil. 
  • living soil feeds the world as it maintains fertility
  • bees and buuterflies feed the world, not poison and pesticides
  • biodiversity feeds the world, not toxic monocultures
  • small scale farmers feed the world, not large scale industrial farms
  • seed freedom feeds the world, not seed dictatorship
  • localisation feeds the world, not globalization
  • women feed the world, not corporations

Dr. Vandana Shiva is travelling to world to speak out on these topics. As a physicist and activist she speaks out on the basis of studies, proof and experience in India. But what she says applies to the world economy. Globalized industrial food might come at a lower price but it is far more costly then organic farming. The energy that is needed to produce our 'low-cost' food in the supermarket is abusing vital sources like water and land. 

Nature shrinks as capital grows. The growth of the market simply cannot solve the problem it creates
— Dr. Vandana Shiva

What strikes us most of all is that Ms. Shiva reflects the same human spirit as Mr. Mahatma Ghandi. To her Ghandi was the only man who understood what democracy is about. Democracy as the responsibility to be accountable to everyone around you, not just the right to do and buy whatever you want. 

Ms. Shiva's reflections on the food market are essential.


 (c)Huffington Post

(c)Huffington Post