The couch in Kerala

We now try to visit our friends and partners in India two times a year. What a privilege it is. This november trip kicked off in Wayanad, Kerala. I had a the opportunity to discuss our progress and challenges in the Benelux market. The more I come to see Father John and his team at the Biowin factory in the Wayanad hills, the more I feel at home. It comes down to couch debates where we try to learn from each other's experience. They have the challenge to produce the required quality of freeze-dried fruits, Adya faces the obvious marketing challenges as a starter with a (excuse me, freeze dried?) new product. 

When we come out of the couch there is still time to visit the farmers or specific ongoing activities for the farmers, run by the cooperative professionals. It was great to be present at a seminar on organic hormones (fruit pulp composition) and organic weed controllers (small fish remains in pulp). Easily 40 farmers, mostly men but also women, showed up and listened very carefully to the young Ms. Reeba. Our friends then introduced us to 4 farmers families in the neighbourhood. Great to get so close to them and see how proud they are.

This is why we trust in Wayanad social service society. It has grown into a major social actor for the smallholders in struggle for survival and indirectly contributes in the regional social welfare. 

I share some of the pictures to visualise the beauty of the region, the Wayanad professionals and the farmers at home. Somehow I always arrive too late or too early for the fruit processing. So I promise you for a next article on Wayanad to share some pictures on our fruits.

Nature has her own timing. I can live with it.

I will start calling the challenges we face 'natural challenges'.