Reaching out to the public - Goed Gevoel Fair in Gent (Belgium)

For three days Adya displayed its products at the Goed Gevoel Ladies fair in Gent. We opted for this first participation at a consumer fair because we really need to let people taste the freeze-dried fruits. We also wanted to combine the tasting of the fruits with the storytelling.

That is what we've come to understand as well. People do search for deeper insight and details on origin and quality, but in the end the products also need to be tasteful and have some added value to what they're used to.

Imagine now a great indoor shopping hall with stalls promoting health and beauty products, clothes, new and known food products, foodtrucks included. It is cosy, visitors are relaxed. Do they take the time to listen to stories and origin of products.

We tend to affirm that for most visitors at our stall with the fruits, Tuttuva grape juice and Montecristi chocolate.  The women look at the packaging and see some 'strange pieces of fruit'  presented for tasting. We introduce them to the fruits with their natural quality giving lots of opportunities for healthy snacking, baking and cooking. Some people don't take the time, so really do and motivate us to keep going. The second day for example we were overwhelmed with women in front and in our stall. It felt like magic, as if to acknowledge that we have touched people with our Adya approach and products.

Whenever we get the time, no matter how short, to pass on the importance of safeguarding biodiversity and to cherish diversity in species like plants and their fruits we are where we want to be. Convincing people to follow us on this track will make us stronger.

Giving the chance to producers to share their great and diverse products with the European public goes hand in hand with raising awareness on the origin of products and the local often precarious livelihood and working conditions.

For the first time there was an Adya team promoting our philosophy and products. Without them it wouldn't have been the success we've had. New connections, new friends once more.

Thank you to this team of people offering their free time to join Adya's event in Gent.