The monsoon and the bananas

We just received news from our partner Wayanad social service society. The freeze-drying of the Poovan bananas failed due to too much rain during the Monsoon (the early summer Monsoon in June). The plants got more rain then usual and didn't give banana fruits as expected. 

We mentioned the importance of the Monsoon for the food production in South-India before (see blog last year). Climate change is also happening here. Studies show a increase in Monsoon rainfall and in land temperature all the same. So due to the global warming and its effects on the land and the agriculture, crops also can change in quantity and quality. 

Two things are happening here.  

We get the decision from our partner in India and learn about their report and conclusion. They worry about quality and issues on our market. That is so much more important then the fact that we will be out of freeze-dried bananas for a few months. Yes, it is part of the natural game. This should be something natural instead of something hampering business and challenging partnerships.

What just happened is part of what Adya wants to achieve. Get this connection with the Indian agricultural community, allbeit far away and vague. It's tremendously important to pass on a message to people that are used to buy bananas in their grocery store or supermarket. 


The message is that it is not evident to have bananas in our stores every day. There is a great pile of bananas coming from mass plantations in bad shape. There is a much smaller part of the amount coming from sustainable and humane approach, demanding dedication and expertise
— Karl Vanderplaetse

The wheather now also affects more and more the crop quality. Our question to the cooperative now is how they agree on deliveries, quality and price with their members or other delivery partners that have to deal with a bad harvest. 

This all gives us more transparant information and a more detailed insight in the fairness we all want to see.

 Mananthavady shop, Kerala, India

Mananthavady shop, Kerala, India