Biofach 2018 - the organic world in one place

This was already our 4th time at the Biofach in Germany as a visitor. What is it exactly. Well, this German based fair in Nurnberg is by far the most important fair for everyone selling and buying organic food. This Biofach concept has already spread out into smaller organic fairs in India, Japan, China, South-East Asia, Brazil, US and the Middle-East. It means that we are interconnected in this field. There is a need to exchange and learn from each other. 

For Adya, it is a playground. We try to see what's new, which countries present themselves with farmers or companies and who we would like to get in touch with. We will write later on trends and evolutions.

What did we do or discover this time?

Myanmar was present! Allthough in political turmoil, we do feel attracted to products from this country in struggle to connect to the outside world. The organic tea farmers and their representatives from the government were guided by a German based governmental initiative. All our respect for the way Germany is working in the East in search for opportunities. In style and dedicated, as we've seen in Vietnam as well!

New connections:

Colombia tries out tea! After a quick chat we felt a connection with the people @Bitaco delivering unique Colombian tea. Let's keep you posted on this. 

From Gujarat, India and from northern Finland, we discovered additional freeze-dried treasures. More news to come.

There were more African people this time. We went trough the seeds, pulses, beans from a few African countries, with as always, humble and all the same proud representatives behind the desks. So, Ghana, Burkina Fasa, Ethiopia, Morocco, Tunisia and Egypt, we keep an eye on what's coming!

Up to us to find a way to keep in touch with this many people and products and to see where they can fit in or find a place in our distribution. Bottom line is that we're always looking for PEOPLE and their products, not BRANDS and the representatives. So as good as Biofach can be, still we need to know how the product is connected to the producing farmers. The authenticity is what more and more people nowadays want to hold in their hands. 

The authenticity is what you can find if you dig a little deeper, if you scratch the surface. A Biofach gives you the opportunity to meet with Asia, Africa, America. You can't completely fix who you will see, what you will learn. It's the serendipity (finding without having it planned) that gives us the shivers. We feel blessed.

Full of ideas we drive back home in the cold snowy Bayern countryside..

Our meetings with Wayanad Social service society (India) and Fin Ho tea cooperative (Vietnam) at Biofach India. And our collection of samples, cards and leaflets at home.