Karl Vanderplaetse


Spirit: Gent, Ostend, Marseille, Kochi, Hanoi, Kampot, Santiago...

Travelling made me want to do something more then just visit places. The exchange with people from different parts of the world brought me to organic food and so many stories to share. Driven by the value of diversity.


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KIt teng desoete


Spirit: Ostend, Gent, Marrakesh, Kuala Lumpur, Beijing,...

Masters the art of possibilities. Joined us in 2017 to edit and boost Adya's ideas and network & to develop our structure and planning. And most of all.. endlessly curious, a woman at home in the world.  



Noel vanderplaetse


Spirit: Roeselare, Gent, Basel, Firenze, Kaapstad, ...

Founding father and true innovator. Our technical wizard, pioneer in packaging and transport improvement. Exemplary in his balancing the odds and directions. 


Kiran Bhaskaran



Spirit: Mysore, Channapatna, Kerala,... 

Young Indian entrepreneur from Karnataka, India. Founded the School Garden of India to share his passion for organic agriculture and education.  Sensitive and audacious, passionate and open minded, he is our soul & eyes in India.

Adya started as a project idea but evolved into an actual company sourcing products from groups of farmers for the Belgian market. We gradually grow into to this. Meeting colleagues at the various organic food fairs made us break out of Belgium as well. We say 'colleagues' because we only see added value through collaboration.

We feel very lucky to work with local people in India, Vietnam, South-Africa, Ecuador to start with (see our other webpages on these partners). It makes traveling so much more valuable, it also personalizes our approach towards organic food.

At home, we are fortunate to have these wonderful people investing time and experience in Adya:

Elke Huyghebaert, owner of Bon Appetit les Amis, presenting our fruits and the chocolate on her fine food webshop.

Kim Claeys, creative designer @ Kim Claeys is styling Adya right now!

Magali Potié @Kookatelier Cuisteau / Vélobar in Ostend and

Sarah Soulliaert, chef at Cook Experience in Gent are always ready with tips and recipes.

Eveline Boone @French Beans, food photographer for great captures of our products.

Tomas Vanderplaetse, aka Suntapes, for his travel experience and fitting soundtracks

Anneke Smeets, evangelist of Adya in the organic shops in Belgium

Jan De Clercq and Veronique Schaillée (@ WideAwake) for their splendid goal to connect fine organic food with a background to the food industry.


What about our partner regions?

We've met so many people in India, Vietnam, Chili and all over Europe. People in the business of organic food, government and NGO's. We are grateful for these meetings and connections. Adya is open to share on these connections with everyone interested. 

Somewhere in London, there is a young man from Orissa in India working in the City. Starting off from a Indian network event in Gent, he helped us to evolve from project idea to a concept and eventually a company.

Your spirit is always with us, even if we don't see you that much anymore. Thank you Dr. Manoj Dora!