Vietnam - Red tea

In 2016 we met the representatives of the Fin Ho tea cooperative. Fin Ho is a village in the Ha Giang province, North Vietnam. We tasted a great tea and watched a beautiful film showing the members of the cooperative picking the tea. We were enchanted and started looking for partnerships in Belgium for this tea. 

Adya embraces the Red Dao families and embraces their local biodiversity.


The Red DAO

Vietnam has more then 50 minority people living on its territory. Most of them are groups that long ago ventured from China into current Vietnam. They usually were given space in mountaineous regions. The Red Dao are one of the larger groups living in the North of the country. They wear remarkable red and blue clothes and already during earlier travels struck us with their incredible kindness. During our travel in 2017 we organised a homestay at 4 different Dao villages with the Center for Regional & Economic Development, based in Hanoi.

Vietnamese tea

The families are harvesting two to three 'flushes' a year and are especially proud of their amazing Pai Hao tea. The Pai Hao is one bud and one leave of the early spring tea leaves and is very rare in Europe. Most tea shops now have a great selection of Chinese, Japanese and Indian teas. Vietnamese tea can add to diversity in the current tea lines. We've selected this Pai Hao together with a 4 other teas, among them also a 'snow tea'.

You can check the shops we found interested to adopt the tea on this page. Contact us if you want to adopt this tea for your shop as well!



Social impact


This is a pure and organically certified product from a region that is clearly on the bottom of the development index in Vietnam. We started working with these families and also participated in a first local project, the road to Nam Ai village. Infrastructure and transport facilities are not evident in the hills of Ha Giang. Yet for the tea and the people in their daily lives, a decent road connection is an improvement for the whole community. 



Adya delivers this tea directly to organic and tea shops in Belgium and the Netherlands.