Adya started as a project in Belgium mid 2015 with 3 like-minded people, Noël Vanderplaetse, Karl Vanderplaetse and dr. Manoj K. Dora (India). As from January 2017 Adya was officially launched as Adya Bio bvba.

We now have partnerships with cooperatives of farmers in Kerala (India), Ha Giang (Vietnam) and Kalahari (South-Africa). On this site you can see the products and people we work with. We aim for trade with a human face.


During our kick-off period we noticed how many products and sales are focused on price and brand. Adya believes there is so much more to share on products. First of all, harvesting and making some profit from your crops as a farmer in India, Vietnam, Cambodia,.. is far from evident. Imagine the harvest is not what yielding what is needed for your income and family needs. Imagine your crops are in fact depending on mass bookings from multinationals. 

Adya believes in the direct connection with cooperatives of farmers working together. Focusing on what they are good at: taking care of their crops and land. Ideally, a cooperative works as a shelter and gives more certainty to the farmer. We connect them to the food distribution in our region, more specifically to partners that are looking for more then just a product and brand. But not without passing on the story of the region, the farmers and their products. 

Find out more about our partners and the way we work with them. Find out more about the faces behind the products you look for. The key to diversity on our plates is the local farmer. Embracing diversity is about people. Join us!